Thieves Try to Rob Fremont Office

Even with the highest level of security, your property could still be a target for burglars. An office in the 900 block of North Northlake Way in Fremont was recently the target for a few computer thieves, who were seconds away from making it out to freedom on May 4th.

The building is equipped with a security guard, but he just happened to be asleep during the early morning raid. According to the report by the Seattle Police Department, the guard drew his gun quickly after hearing the noisy burglars coming down the stairs around 5:45 a.m. from an upper floor office. The two men promptly dropped the stolen computers and turned on their heels up the stairs and out the door.

Seattle’s finest were able to gather some fingerprints off the evidence but were unfortunately unable to locate them. The two perpetrators had granted themselves access by prying open a door.

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Source: Komo News