Preparing Your Home for a Break-In

Having someone break into your home is terrifying, and often leaves feelings of uneasiness and anxiety in its wake. In 2011, there was a burglary every 14.4 seconds and 60% of bruglars used forced entry, taking less than 60 seconds to gain entry. There is no full-proof way to avert any type of break-in, but taking proper precautions can reduce the risk of being targeted and deter any potential burglars  Here is a brief list of things you can do to safeguard your home and the most precious of valuables, your loved ones:

Get an alarm

This may seem obvious, but there are still people who don’t have alarms. They come as a standard in new houses for a good reason- they work! Alarms not only startle and act as an obsticle for burglers, but notify the authorities. Don’t have an alarm? Consider installing one for a better peaceful nights sleep.

Be Secretive

Keep your expensive items, especially electronics, out of the front of any windows. Keep your shades and blinds shut at night when the light from your TV set is most likely to shine through your window. Also keep these items out of site from the front door, and make sure not to leave the boxes of expensive items out on the curb. An empty iMac box works as advertising and is just what the bad guys are looking for.

Put Valuables Away

Robbers are most likely to grab what’s out already, so keep your valuables put away! They want a fast entrance and exit, and most likely won’t dawdle. If you’re an organized person, this could work in your favor!

Keep Those Doors Locked

Keeping your doors locked may seem as obvious as having an alarm installed, but every little bit helps. Make sure to lock the storm door too, it’s just one more obsticle the burgalar has to bypass. Since most of them are made of glass, it does a very good job of delaying any sort of unwanted entry! If this isn’t enough, you can always purchase door armor at a home improvement store.

Lie a Little

Invest in some timers for your TVs, radios, or lights to give the illusion that you are home. While there are some burglares that will enter when you’re home, this will halt most of them.

Be On Your Toes

Even all this preparation isn’t always enough to stop some of the really good thiefs. One of the last things we suggest is talking to your neighbors and watching out for each other. Everyone can benefit from this arrangement.

We hope you found all of this information helpful and reassuring! Give the team at Accurate Safe & Lock a call at 206-284-0151 or contact us online if you have any questions!

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Security Tips Courtesy of: Joy L Anderson – Hubpages