Smart Phone Crime Apps

With the increasing integration of our electronics, smart phone apps are beginning to play a role in our day to day lives. Reviewing current crime reports for the area surrounding your home keeps you in the know about recent break-ins and other crimes. Here is a short list of some seriously cool smart phone apps that make current crime reports available to you.


App Store


This app allows users to search crime by address or current location, making it extremely easy to look up your neighborhoods records. Users are able to look up sex offenders, homicides, thefts, break-ins, robberies, vehicular crimes, property crimes, assaults, and more starting from date after August 2012. If your interested in alerts, just sign up for and the feature is yours.


Like CrimeReports, this app allows you to search crime types and areas by a specified time period. You can also search crime by specific address or current location. RAIDS uniquely allows users to see exactly what time the crime occurred, what agency handled the situation, exact address, and incident number. Hot spot maps are also available in order to identify any high crime areas. There is even a neighborhood watch option that allows users to receive monthly or weekly reports about their neighborhood.


Google Play

CrimeView NEARme

While this app is meant for police agencies, it also has a lot of information available to the public. Published crime reports are available by area through search and current location. Points of interest are also identified for the public, but are not 100% available because some of the information is only available to law enforcement. Besides sex offenders and recent crime reports, active warrants are also available.

Total Crime Map

This app displays crime by state, zip code, county, and block group. An aggregated index is also provided to users who download the app. It additionally works by giving crime statistics for current locations as needed.

We hope that the addition of any of these apps helps you stay informed about your neighborhood and city. Thinking of installing new locks after looking at your neighborhood crime report? Call the team at Accurate Safe & Lock at 206-284-0151 or contact us online!

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