Even Being a Criminal Requires Skill

Just because someone is a criminal, doesn’t mean they’re crafty. Two 20 year old Fresno boys learned this recently as their burglaring spree was cut short by a 911 call. Not only were they caught minutes after breaking into an automobile for prescription drugs, but were the ones who called the emergency line.

A dispatcher listened to the two young men’s conversation for about 35 minutes that eventually lead to their arrest. The conversation involved drugs and how to break into vehicles moments before an actual window was smashed. Paying close attention to the conversation helped the dispatcher develop a sense of location that was then passed on to the authorities.

Local police were able to find and pull over the burglars using this information. As the two men were pulled over, you can hear them dumbfoundedly wondering why they were being hassled by the cops. The tape records them saying “We really called 911?” just after finding out how the police knew. At least even the two boys realized how idiotic and clumsy it was.

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Source: Komo News