Holiday Home Safety Tips from Seattle Locksmith Experts

The holiday season is almost in full swing, which means your schedule gets a little busier with parties to host or attend, gifts to purchase and trips to go on. All the extra fun and excitement can make us a little more careless and vulnerable. A study shows that there is a spike in crime during the holiday season as more people are traveling to see family, leaving an empty home full of gifts. Here at Accurate Safe & Lock, one of our top priorities is keeping what you find important safe. Our Seattle locksmith experts have some tips to follow in order to keep your family and valuables safe this holiday season.

When You’re Traveling

On average 34% of Americans spend 1-3 nights away from home during the holidays. Make sure to take extra precautions to make it seem like you are home even though you’re not physically there. This can deter burglars from going after your valuables.

  • Put indoor and outdoor lights on a timer, so they turn on at around the time you would be home.
  • Have a neighbor, friend or family member watch your home while you are away and report anything that could be suspicious
  • Lock away your valuables so you know for certain they are safe. Our Seattle locksmiths can help you find the right one at Accurate Safe and Lock.
  • Stop mail and newspapers from arriving. Call your post office and have them hold any mail or packages. The buildup of mail and newspaper is a dead giveaway to burglars that no one is actually home.
  • Upgrade your door locks. Install deadbolts, drop bolts or keypad locks to your doors for an extra measure of security.

Shopping Trip

Sure, you may not be gone for days, but even a short shopping trip or errand run leaves you home vulnerable.

  • Be extra cautious about locking doors and windows. Make sure to double check that entrances into your home are locked and secured.
  • Leave a radio or television on to create the illusion that someone is home. This is especially useful, as the days get darker earlier.
  • When you get home make sure that holiday displays and gifts are not visible through windows and doors. Burglars are able to see what valuables you have, making your home a target.


This season is always a busy time of year. Make sure to keep your safety as a top priority by following our Seattle locksmith expert’s tips. Your holidays will be fun, festive and stress free.