6 Ways Capitol Hill Locksmiths Improve Security

medium_270364322Security technologies change and locks become obsolete. It is important to improve the safety of your home or business by replacing or rekeying your locks. Here are some situations where our Capitol Hill Locksmiths suggest that locks should be replaced.

1. Wear and Tear

Locks, like anything, are susceptible to wear and tear. Old locks that are difficult to work are a weakness in security. If your door shows visible signs of wear, such as rust or tarnish, consider replacing or servicing the lock.

2. Break Ins to Home or Office

One very important reason to change your locks is after a break in. Although, the chance of a spare key having been stolen is minimal, locks could have been damaged or a weak area in your security system could have been exposed.

3. New Roommate

New roommates prompts a need to replace locks. There is always a possibility of multiple keys floating around. The past tenant could have made an extra key and gave it to a friend or neighbor. Have control by knowing where the keys to your home are.

4. Lost or Stolen Keys

Keys that are lost or stolen pose a reason to replace your locks. Your children or neighbor who may have a spare key may lose their key, without you knowing. For better security, our Capitol Hill Locksmiths suggest re-keying your home or office.

5. When You Move to a New Office or Home

When you change offices or move into a new home, you may want to change or rekey the locks. It’s impossible to know how many keys are out there. Increase your security by contacting Capitol Hill Locksmiths to advise you on the best solution for improved security.

6. Every Few Years – Just to be Safe

Peace of mind is always nice. For better control over the security of your home or office, change your locks every few years, even if you haven’t experienced any of the above situations. Protect what matters and invest in better security.

At Accurate Safe and Lock, our Capitol Hill Locksmiths take a great interest in making sure that everyone is safe. This includes the security of your home or office. Call our office at 206-284-0151 for all of your lock and security needs!
photo credit: Andrew Mason via photopin cc