Safety Tips from Our Seattle Home Security Experts

Though we do not think highly of them, criminals are often smarter than we give them credit for. They know the types of homes to break into, the best ways to get in, and even the most common places people hide their valuables. This means that homeowners need to better prepare with home security and a clever way to keeps their valuables safe.

Our Seattle home security specialists suggest countless new and inventive ways that you can hide your belongings in spots that even the most seasoned burglars would never think to look. Referred to as diversion safes, these disguises look just like items that would be normally found in almost every home. Making faux home items the most creative and effective ways to keep your valuables safe.

Vents and outlets are necessary parts of every home, and an intruder would not think twice when walking past one. Placing a faux outlet in a wall, or a faux air vent in a floor or ceiling would create a great storage place to keep your belongings safe without causing suspicion.

Home décor also goes unsearched by burglars most of the time. They would never look at a mirror or throw pillow and assume that cash and jewelry were being stored inside. Which is exactly why they make a great storage space. Try inserting an appropriately shaped safe into the padding of a pillow and placing it on furniture in your home that is not heavily trafficked. No one will ever know it is there.

Diversion safes have been around for a while, but storage ideas a getting more inventive all the time. Everyone has seen faux books used as hiding spots, but what about faux foods doubling as safes? There are heads of lettuce and loaves of bread that look good enough to eat and will keep your belongings safe. Cleaning supplies, clothing, and shoes are also diversion safes that most burglars would never think of.

For the safest keeping of your belongings, a well-disguised, fire resistant safe is the best place to store valuables. If you need assistance in seattle home security and the safe keeping of your belongings Accurate Safe and Lock can help. Our Seattle home security locksmiths offer a variety of services and are available at (206) 284-0151 for your security needs.

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