Overview of Safecracking from Locksmith in Seattle

Locksmith in Seattle Safecracking

The holidays bring joy and smiles while we create special moments with loved ones.  To usher in the season, it might be time to show off cherished belongings to bring back memories of past holidays.  If you’re like many, you might have items placed in a safe that has not been opened in years and forgot the combination.  Your locksmith in Seattle knows that these objects have a lot of sentimental value for you.  So here is some insight on techniques that can be used by us to crack your safe with non-destructive techniques.

Non-destructive safecracking is a way to unlock a safe by focusing on defeating the lock through manipulation without compromising its integrity for further use. We prefer non-destructive techniques as opposed to destructive ones because we know it may be difficult to replace the safe you already have due to cost or inconvenience.

Since combination locks are popular, decoding is one of the better techniques to discover the combination through sight, touch, and sound.  By diagnosing the correct position of each wheel in the lock, your locksmith in Seattle can simulate the normal action of the lock to gain entry without the combination.

Another effective technique to crack a safe is to use an auto-dialer.  This device is computer controlled and uses a more physical approach to crack a safe.  The dialer can test the entire set of possible combinations, which can be time consuming.  More modern auto-dialers on the other hand will take tolerances of the lock into account to dramatically reduce combination search scope before finding possible combinations and therefore cut time.

Of course we don’t want to get too specific in safecracking techniques because of the threat of wrong people finding out new ways to get into safes without permission.  That being said, we do want to give you a taste of a couple techniques that can be used to gain access to a safe without the combination to retrieve sentimental objects within.
Contact our locksmithin Seattle, who are fully qualified and willing to help you gain entry into your old safes.  The memories stored within are worth rediscovering so your loved ones can share in the experience.

Seattle Locksmith Advice for Home Security while Traveling

While you may be dreaming of making new memories with family and friends over the holidays, your Seattle Locksmith knows that you should take as many precautions as you can to not attract uninvited guests to your home while you are away.  Criminals know that this is a popular time of year to travel and will look for homes that are unoccupied. Here’s some advice for you to make your house look like you are home even when you may be thousands of miles away on your long awaited vacation.

Seattle Locksmith - Home Security during the Holidays

Inside Lights:  Using a time controller is a great way to keep lights and other electrical devices on at key times of the day to give the illusion that someone is home.  Immediately before sunrise and after sunset a light will trick a burglar that someone is home when they are supposed to be — before and after work.  Yes, it does seem a bit wasteful to have lights on when no one is home, but it is better to pay a little extra in electricity than having to pay more insurance premiums to replace stolen items.

Neighborhood Watch:  Have a neighbor keep your lawn mowed and pick up your mail and papers while you are away.  An unkempt lawn and stacks of mail on the porch is a sure sign that the house’s occupants are away and leaves your home an easy target. Of course you should offer to reciprocate your neighbors kindness when they are away as well.

Outside Lights:  Earlier, we made the point to make sure the inside of your home is lit, but we implore that the outside should be well lit also.  Make sure porch lights and other sources of lighting such as pathway lighting are set to a timer so that the exterior of your home will be lit on the darkest nights.  Burglars don’t want to feel like they can be spotted. Having a well lit exterior can make them uneasy and hopefully decide not even trying to break into your home.

Remembering these tips will help guard against burglars, but just in case, secure locks will be your last defense.  Make sure to contact your Seattle Locksmith to find out if your locks are safe or if they need replacing.  Our courteous staff know that you want to protect what you’ve worked so hard for, so we strive to only give you the best.

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5 Emergency Locksmith Services to Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Emergency Locksmith ServicesAs the weather gets colder and the days get shorter people start anticipating the holidays and all of the great memories that will be made during them. While this is a great thought and it’s exciting, most people do not realize that there are around 400,000 burglaries that take place between November and December in the United States (according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation). But why do so many burglaries occur during this time? More importantly, how are you supposed to keep your belongings safe if you are traveling for the holidays? Let’s explore this subject more.


The fact that so many break-ins happen during this time of year tells us that there are people who are targeting homes when people are out of town most, and when people have the most amount of valuable items in their homes (assuming that they are buying gifts for Christmas). A burglar is probably concerned about getting the highest amount of valuable things and getting them while the occupants are gone for vacation.

What Can We Do?

How can you protect your home? Here are 5 ways your Queen Anne Locksmith has to protect your home this upcoming season:

Tip 1: Don’t Talk About Your Gifts

It’s simple – if nobody knows what you bought or how many gifts you purchased for Christmas, NOBODY KNOWS. The safest place you can be is being the only person who knows where you stash your presents and how many gifts you have actually bought. If you are constantly talking about the nice Playstation 4 you bought for your nephew there is a higher chance that someone will hear about it and that automatically increases the chance of someone wanting to break into your home and taking it.

Tip 2: Make Sure Your Home Has A Secuity System Installed

If a burglary does occur in your home, a security system can scare off the burglars and alert the authorities. This is why Emergency Locksmith Services are extremely important. If you do not have a security system installed in your home there is a much higher chance of someone getting away and never getting caught if there is a burglary at your house. You want to secure your home as much as possible in order to prevent a burglary, scare a burglar off, or get a burglar caught.

Tip 3: Don’t Be Too Open About Your Travel Plans

It is always great to have a family member or trusted friend know that you are on vacation so they can check up on the house or help with your pets, but it is not safe to advertise your travel plans to everyone. Similar to the concept of not sharing how many gifts you have inside your home, you do not want everyone to know that you are going to be gone on vacation.

Tip 4: Update Your Locks/Reinforce Your Home

Burglars are much less likely to go for your home if they see that your windows, doors, and materials are reinforced and up-to-date. Another way to look at this could be recognizing that a burglar doesn’t want to work harder than they have to. Having updated locks installed by a Queen Anne Locksmith will help with that reinforcement.

Tip 5: Get A Safe

Imagine this scenario: A burglar spends a lot of energy trying to get inside of your home and finally gets in, but quickly they realize that your valuables are inside of a safe. They are much less likely to take the time to TRY to pick or break the lock in order to get inside. Having a safe ensures that your most valuable items are protected. To learn more about safes read our services page.

Emergency Locksmith Services are important as well. We sell safes, locks, and certain security systems. Give us a call today to ask us what else we carry and what services we provide. Make sure to save our number (206 284-0151) just in case you need emergency locksmith services

Proud To Be Your Locksmith In Seattle

Locksmith in SeattleDo you know what our goal as your locksmith in Seattle is? We want to make sure that we’re there for all of our neighbors and community members when they need us the most. We want to be there for the guy that is locked out of his car right before his important meeting. We want to be there for the working mom who’s kids forget their keys at school while she’s working hard. We want to be there for the son who can’t get his garage open and doesn’t have a set of house keys. We want to be there for the daughter who’s key broke. Being your locksmith in Seattle is something we take pride in.

We love our community and we support our neighbors with what they do. The best feeling is going to a job site and seeing someone stressed out and leaving the job site seeing them completely relieved.

It’s amazing how unimportant things get once you realize you can’t get into your car or your house, isn’t it? Next time you’re stuck somewhere make sure to contact your locksmith in Seattle and we will assist you as soon as we can.

Our business was created in 1952 by Boyd Murphy. In 1998 Murph’s niece Yvonne Murphy Barbour bought the family business to make it her own. When she was in highschool she would spend time cutting keys for her uncle so that he could go work and run service calls. Murph taught his niece a lot of important things to do with the locksmith business and she married a locksmith. Yvonne is the business owner and she prides herself on her dedication to her customer’s safety and security.

As you have read, we have a long history! This is more than just another business, we are part of the community.

Seattle Locksmith Makes Sure Your Valuables Are Secure This Season

Seattle Locksmith
Seattle Locksmith Safe

We’re almost in the middle of October which means that the holiday season will be here in no-time. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all are national holidays that a lot of people celebrate. What do people do when they celebrate? They either have people come over to their house or they go visit someone. If you’re planning on visiting friends or family during this holiday season make sure that your valuables are stowed inside a safe! Unfortunately, lots of people know that during the holiday season many people go on vacation or are out of the house and they use that as an advantage to break into homes and steal.

If your home has locks and they get past that they’ll try to find your valuables, if you have a safe the chances of them opening it are very slim. Why not take the extra time to set up a safe inside of your home? Here at Accurate Safe & Lock we provide a variety of options for safes. Our Seattle locksmith carries used and new safes for affordable prices.

Having a safe inside of your house protects your valuables two-fold because crooks have to break inside of your home first, but they won’t be expecting to have to break a safe (and they most likely won’t be able to).

We are your Seattle locksmith,and our goal is to make sure that our city is as protected as possible! We believe in our mission, and we want to help you with your home.

Contact us today and let us know that you’re interested in purchasing a safe from us and we can let you know what we have available! Thank you for choosing us as your trusted Seattle locksmith!