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Overview of Safecracking from Locksmith in Seattle

Locksmith in Seattle Safecracking

The holidays bring joy and smiles while we create special moments with loved ones.  To usher in the season, it might be time to show off cherished belongings to bring back memories of past holidays.  If you’re like many, you might have items placed in a safe that has not been opened in years and forgot the combination.  Your locksmith in Seattle knows that these objects have a lot of sentimental value for you.  So here is some insight on techniques that can be used by us to crack your safe with non-destructive techniques.

Non-destructive safecracking is a way to unlock a safe by focusing on defeating the lock through manipulation without compromising its integrity for further use. We prefer non-destructive techniques as opposed to destructive ones because we know it may be difficult to replace the safe you already have due to cost or inconvenience.

Since combination locks are popular, decoding is one of the better techniques to discover the combination through sight, touch, and sound.  By diagnosing the correct position of each wheel in the lock, your locksmith in Seattle can simulate the normal action of the lock to gain entry without the combination.

Another effective technique to crack a safe is to use an auto-dialer.  This device is computer controlled and uses a more physical approach to crack a safe.  The dialer can test the entire set of possible combinations, which can be time consuming.  More modern auto-dialers on the other hand will take tolerances of the lock into account to dramatically reduce combination search scope before finding possible combinations and therefore cut time.

Of course we don’t want to get too specific in safecracking techniques because of the threat of wrong people finding out new ways to get into safes without permission.  That being said, we do want to give you a taste of a couple techniques that can be used to gain access to a safe without the combination to retrieve sentimental objects within.
Contact our locksmithin Seattle, who are fully qualified and willing to help you gain entry into your old safes.  The memories stored within are worth rediscovering so your loved ones can share in the experience.