5 Emergency Locksmith Services to Protect Your Home This Holiday Season

Emergency Locksmith ServicesAs the weather gets colder and the days get shorter people start anticipating the holidays and all of the great memories that will be made during them. While this is a great thought and it’s exciting, most people do not realize that there are around 400,000 burglaries that take place between November and December in the United States (according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation). But why do so many burglaries occur during this time? More importantly, how are you supposed to keep your belongings safe if you are traveling for the holidays? Let’s explore this subject more.


The fact that so many break-ins happen during this time of year tells us that there are people who are targeting homes when people are out of town most, and when people have the most amount of valuable items in their homes (assuming that they are buying gifts for Christmas). A burglar is probably concerned about getting the highest amount of valuable things and getting them while the occupants are gone for vacation.

What Can We Do?

How can you protect your home? Here are 5 ways your Queen Anne Locksmith has to protect your home this upcoming season:

Tip 1: Don’t Talk About Your Gifts

It’s simple – if nobody knows what you bought or how many gifts you purchased for Christmas, NOBODY KNOWS. The safest place you can be is being the only person who knows where you stash your presents and how many gifts you have actually bought. If you are constantly talking about the nice Playstation 4 you bought for your nephew there is a higher chance that someone will hear about it and that automatically increases the chance of someone wanting to break into your home and taking it.

Tip 2: Make Sure Your Home Has A Secuity System Installed

If a burglary does occur in your home, a security system can scare off the burglars and alert the authorities. This is why Emergency Locksmith Services are extremely important. If you do not have a security system installed in your home there is a much higher chance of someone getting away and never getting caught if there is a burglary at your house. You want to secure your home as much as possible in order to prevent a burglary, scare a burglar off, or get a burglar caught.

Tip 3: Don’t Be Too Open About Your Travel Plans

It is always great to have a family member or trusted friend know that you are on vacation so they can check up on the house or help with your pets, but it is not safe to advertise your travel plans to everyone. Similar to the concept of not sharing how many gifts you have inside your home, you do not want everyone to know that you are going to be gone on vacation.

Tip 4: Update Your Locks/Reinforce Your Home

Burglars are much less likely to go for your home if they see that your windows, doors, and materials are reinforced and up-to-date. Another way to look at this could be recognizing that a burglar doesn’t want to work harder than they have to. Having updated locks installed by a Queen Anne Locksmith will help with that reinforcement.

Tip 5: Get A Safe

Imagine this scenario: A burglar spends a lot of energy trying to get inside of your home and finally gets in, but quickly they realize that your valuables are inside of a safe. They are much less likely to take the time to TRY to pick or break the lock in order to get inside. Having a safe ensures that your most valuable items are protected. To learn more about safes read our services page.

Emergency Locksmith Services are important as well. We sell safes, locks, and certain security systems. Give us a call today to ask us what else we carry and what services we provide. Make sure to save our number (206 284-0151) just in case you need emergency locksmith services