Love Padlocks in Seattle

All over the world couples are fastening padlocks on popular bridges, railings, fences, even light posts, and throwing away the key. These locks are meant to symbolize everlasting love between the two who placed it. With people making these romantic gestures all around the globe, you’d think that Seattle would have caught on to the trend by now. About 2 years ago the Seattle Daily Photo blog spotted one solitary lock fastened to the cable fence of the Salmon Bay Natural Area overlook. This location is particularly symbolic as the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks are within sight of the lookout. Throwing the key into the water below is the perfect way to represent the love you share with your significant other. We hope that more couples will choose to represent their love at this beautiful spot and create a whole new Seattle landmark! Check out this article at BuzzFeed to see some photos of love padlocks all around the world: