Do It Yourself: How to Clean a Dead Bolt Lock with Household Materials

Does your key get stuck in your deadbolt every single time you try and lock or unlock your door? You probably need to clean the lock out. Here is an easy DIY process to try before you go and replace your lock.

The Tools:


Canned Air

WD-40 lubricant

Old Toothbrush

Step 1: Remove deadbolt

Use the screwdriver to remove your deadbolt from the door

Step 2: Canned Air

Use your canned air to clear the deadbolt of any dust or dirt that may accumulated. Make sure that no moisture from the canned air is left in the lock because this could cause rusting in the future.

Step 3: Toothbrush

Take a dry toothbrush and remove any grime that might me stuck on the deadbolt. Once again, never use any water when cleaning a lock because rust will most likely develop.

Step 4: WD-40 or similar silicon graphite lubricant

Once your lock is clear of dirt and dust apply your lubricant sparingly. It is important that the lock mechanisms all move smoothly but excess lubricant must be avoided. This can be applied to the key hole as well as the deadbolt.

Step 5: Reinstall

Your lock is now properly cleaned and lubricated so now you must reinstall your deadbolt. As you realign the gears and cylinders of the lock use your screwdriver to secure the deadbolt back into place.

If cleaning your deadbolt didn’t do the trick, contact Accurate Safe & Lock for further assistance.



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