Keeping Your Belongings Safe

There are a variety of safes that are available in order to keep your documents secure and protect valuables. There are safes designed for business use and those designed for personal use at home. There are many differences between the types and the security they provide.  Below are the main types of safes designed for personal or home use.  Which safe is best for you to keep your personal items secure?

Safe Deposit Box

Keeping your money and valuables in a safe deposit box at a local bank is definitely one of the safest ways to keep your items secure. They are hidden away at a bank and out of your home. However, these can be very small and are meant to hold only your most valuable items.

Wall and Floor Safes

These safes can be embedded in the floor or wall and hidden from those who are looking for valuables. These safes are almost invisible and effective at guarding your possessions from theft, fire and other damages. These safes also can remove the risk of an intruder removing the safe.

Gun Safes

Gun safes not only help protect your firearms from burglary, fire and flooding, but they also help protect young children from endangering themselves with the weapons. These safes can be very large and many use them to store more than just firearms. If you own any firearms having a secure locked safe is crucial in protecting you and those around you.

High Security Jewelry Safes

These jewelry safes are maximum security but also luxury with a chest to protect and keep your valuables in good condition. These safes can also offer fire protection so you won’t lose pieces that may be family heirlooms or meaningful gifts.

Fire Resistant

Fire resistant safes protect its contents from high temperatures. These safes can be used to store anything from important documents such as birth certificates and passports to jewelry or various heirlooms. These safes can vary in size and style. There are many other types of safes that could be used to fit a variety of needs. For help on finding the perfect safe to meet the needs of you and your family or business please visit Accurate Safe & Lock Co.