4 Tips for Increasing Home Security

Many people may not realize how susceptible their home is to theft until it happens. Keeping your home protected from break-ins is important. To make your home secure and less vulnerable to theft, a
professional locksmith can suggest tools that will minimize the chances of a break-in. Start securing your home today with these tips.

Replace Old or Broken Locks

Intruders have special tools they use to enter homes and know the areas easiest to enter. These
most often include the front, back, or garage doors. A quality door with a knob-in-lock or deadbolt will
prevent intruders from using a credit card or key to pick the lock. Older locks may be easier to break and
need to be replaced. Working with a professional locksmith is important to find the right locks to fit your
specific door type and location.

Install Heavy Doors in Main Entry Points

Doors can simply be kicked in when someone wants to enter your home. The weakest point is at
the lock strike plate where the latch is held in place. Installing a heavier high security strike plate will
prevent the door from being kicked in and better secure your home.

Secure Windows and Sliding Doors

Windows are easily forced opened if not locked properly. Make sure that all windows and
especially those accessed by the ground, a balcony, fences or trees are latched. They also can be secured
with wooden dowels. Sliding glass doors can also easily be forced open. It is important to have
secondary blocking devices such as anti-lift or wooden sticks to prevent it being opened.

Keeping your important belongings secure is very important. If documents and valuables are
hidden from the intruders they will be less tempted to enter the home. There are many types of safes
from cash safes to fire resistant. To learn more about the different types see the blog post on “Keeping
Your Belongings Safe”.

For more advice on keeping your home safe contact us at Accurate Safe & Lock Co.