How to Secure Your Home When Going Vacation

Are you and your family going away on vacation soon? You’re probably busy packing, printing out boarding tickets and coordinating a ride to the airport but in all of the excitement of preparing for your vacation don’t forget to secure your house to prevent a home burglary while you’re out of town.  Locking your doors and windows are of course the best ways to ensure your house is safe, but there are a few areas of home security that often are forgotten about, so we have prepared a vacation checklist for you to use before your next trip:


position timers around your home to turn on radios and lights while you’re gone, this will give the impression that someone is home.

Cancel Appointments

While you’re on vacation cancel any home repair or maintenance; this will prevent individuals from knowing you are out of town. If you do decide to allow a trustworthy service person into your home do not leave a note on the front door, opt for an email or phone call that is more discrete. It is ok to continue your gardening service.

Spare Key

When going on vacation make sure to hide your spar key in a secrete spot, we suggest putting your key in tin foil and burying it in soil.

Exterior Lighting

If the entrance to your home is dark consider installing lighting with an infrared detector.


Big shrubs and trees can provide a great hiding spot for burglars, when landscaping keep this in consideration.


Make sure to set your alarm when going out of town and to post a sticker or sign that informs unwanted visitors that you are protected by an alarm company.

Store all Valuables

When going out of town make sure that any valuables are not in clear sight, try moving them to another room or store them in a safe.

Hold the Mail

When going on vacation hold the mail, this will prevent mail from piling up in your mailbox and affirming that you are not home. This includes your newspaper and any packages you may be expecting.

Taking these preventative measures will allow you to spend more time relaxing while on vacation and less time worrying about the security of your home. Start preparing your home a week before you leave to ensure enough time to make the designated changes.

For any questions about door and lock safety don’t hesitate to visit or call Accurate Safe & Lock: 206-284-0151