7 Things to Keep in Your Safe in Case of a Fire

It is better to be safe than sorry in the off chance that there is a fire in your home. When the unthinkable happens you will want to be prepared. Here are 7 things to keep locked in your fireproof safe.

1.Current insurance policies and agent contact info

In the event of a fire you will need this information right away.

2.Identification Cards

This includes your passports, original birth certificates, and social security cards. These can be a hassle to replace.

3. Medical Information

This could include a list of family doctors, prescriptions, and pharmacy contacts for your regular medications, etc.

4. Backups of your computer

This could include CDs, a USB drive, or an external hard drive containing your important computer files and pictures.

5.Safety deposit keys

You may need these in case you store something in it that you will need in an emergency. They can also be difficult to replace.

6.Important financial and billing information

These could include investments, retirement plans, bank accounts, bills and due dates, and respective contact info. In the event of a fire, you will not want the added stress of having to recover this information or fall behind in your bills.

7.Important legal documents

This could include powers of attorney, wills, health care proxies, and other documents that may even be irreplaceable.

Fires can be a scary thing to think about, but being prepared can make all of the difference. For all of your safe needs, visit Accurate Safe & Lock Co. in Seattle, WA.

Source: http://www.legalzoom.com/tips-trends/prevention-safety/10-things-you-must-keep