4 Tips to Deter Burglars this Holiday

What usually comes to mind when we think of the holiday season? Spending time with loved ones, festive decorations, tasty treats and of course shopping for gifts! What we don’t think about (but should be aware of) is the increase in burglary during this time of year. A recent study done by the FBI finds that nearly 400,000 burglaries occur in the U.S. during November and December each year. Burglars are looking for easy opportunities and the holidays provide just that, since many people have travel plans and homes are filled with expensive new gifts. So what makes one house more desirable to hit than another? Consider these indicators that burglars use to identify an opportunity and follow these tips from your Seattle Locksmiths to protect your home this holiday season.

1. Social Media

Sharing your travel plans on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram lets potential burglars know that your home will be unoccupied, making your house an easy target. Burglars usually live in the neighborhood where they commit the crime, so make sure to share the details of your travel plans with only those who need to know.

2. Away on Travel

Besides social media, there are other signs that let a burglar know a house may be unoccupied. Uncollected mail, no car in the driveway, lights always off and the buildup of snow or lack of tire tracks. Our Seattle locksmiths suggest that before leaving for a trip make your home look as “lived-in” as possible. Leave a few lights on, have all deliveries stopped while you’re away and ask a neighbor to check in every so often. 

small__65599780273. Gift Boxes

Leaving all your empty gift boxes outside is like a shopping spree for a burglar. You’ve pretty much shown them all of the shiny new gifts you have waiting for them in your home. Although the boxes are an eyesore and you just want to place them on the curb, take the extra time to cut up the boxes and put them into large garbage bags.

4. Home Security Measures

Burglars are looking for an easy way in, so they are more likely to hit a home that seems to be in older condition, with poor locks and windows. No sign of an alarm system is another indicator for low security measures. Update your entryways with new locks and even if you don’t have an alarm system, putting up a sign anyway is sometimes enough to deter a burglar.

This holiday season should be spent enjoying fun festivities with family and friends. We hope that our Seattle Locksmiths’ tips have made you more confident in how to protect your home this winter! If you need advice on what types of locks or safes to get for your home’s security, give us a call at (206) 284-0151 with any questions or concerns.


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Photo Credit:erin m via photopin cc