The Most Dangerous American City in 2012

Don’t you miss the days where you could leave your doors unlocked, your keys in your car, and let your kids play freely without worrying yourself sick? Those days seem to be history although there is the occasional town that still trusts its neighbors. Best to keep your guard up in this city though because it’s been named the most dangerous city in America:

Flint, Michigan

Violent Crimes per 1,000 people: 23.4

Population: 102,357

2011 murders: 52

Median Income: $22,672

Unemployment rate: 18.9%

In 2011 alone there were over 2,000 incidents of violent crime occurred in Flint, Michigan. When you consider that their population comes in a just over 100,000 people 2,000 violent crimes have affected a large percentage of people living in the area. These numbers are particularly staggering when you compare them to the safest cities in America. There were only 1,246 violent crimes in all ten of the safest cities which boast over 13 times as many residents as Flint. Flint’s mayor Dayne Walling was quoted saying, “there are too many guns on the street and it’s easy for individuals with evil motives to take another human being’s life.”

This just goes to prove how lucky we are to be living in the Pacific Northwest! Stay safe everyone and remember to lock your doors.