Locksmith Bellevue Shares a New Security App

Locksmith Bellevue

KeyMe is a new app that was recently released for the iPhone that has an interesting approach to lock safety for your home. There have been apps that have attempted to completely go digital with locks and security within your home, but this app is different. The difference comes into play with the digital aspect of the app – instead of going completely digital KeyMe is designed to blend the digital with the analog.

For those of us who are a bit hesitant in having an all digital app be the source for protecting our home this app is perfect.

The company is a startup based in New York and is excited about the possibilities that are unlocked with this app.

Instead of giving your phone the power to unlock your home directly, this app stores your key dimensions and specifics so that if you’re ever in a situation where you lost, misplaced, or forgot your key somewhere all you have to do is bring your phone to a locksmith and have them make you a copy.

Some may think that this app is useless, but for others it can be a complete lifesaver! Locksmith Bellevue professionals can definitely see why this app would be worth downloading.

It’s interesting how technology is evolving all businesses. Locksmith Bellevue professionals are staying up to date on all of the latest locksmith news and technologies. Contact us today if you’re in an emergency or need any locksmith work done.