What to Do When Locked out in Seattle

Locked Out In SeattleIf you’ve been locked out of your vehicle, you know the anxiety and stress that such an event can cause. Though your keys are peacefully laying there in safety, they taunt you by being so close, yet so inaccessible. Though we try our best, being locked out in Seattle is a possibility. Here are some tips that you should take into consideration should you be locked out of your vehicle.

If you don’t feel safe in the area where you locked yourself out, call 911. Your safety should be your upmost concern and the police can be there to make sure that you’re safe. Another benefit to calling 911 is that the police officer may have tools to help unlock the door.

For those of us who tend to forget or misplace valuables like our car keys, a good option is to have an extra key available. You can leave the key to a trusted and dependable person who can rescue you on short notice. Another option is to purchase a magnetic box to place in a well-hidden area somewhere in the undercarriage. When you’re locked out in Seattle, you can easily retrieve the spare and open your car door with ease. If none of those options are available, place your spare key in your wallet or purse for retrieval.

The best option for getting back on the road again quickly is to call a locksmith. Many locksmiths have years of experience in opening locks so they’ll be able to open your vehicle’s door quickly. Along with quick service, having a locksmith with you will keep unwanted attention away from you. It may seem a little suspicious that you’re unsuccessfully trying to get into a car and a police officer may pay you a visit to make sure that you’re not attempting to steal a vehicle. Having a locksmith there will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Accurate Safe & Lock will be able help you when you are locked out in Seattle. Our experienced locksmiths will be able to quickly reach your car to provide you with quality service. We also have many other services than getting you back on the road. Give us a call to make sure that your lock needs are met.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Stockwell via Flickr CC